About CRBio

The Atlas of Living Costa Rica (CRBio) provides integrated and free access to information on the biodiversity of Costa Rica and conservation processes to support research, education, and overall sustainable human development. The portal uses free software developed by the Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) and the Global Biodiversity Information System (GBIF).

The portal enables aggregating data and information that are managed by national and international institutions dedicated to research, education, sustainable use and management of biodiversity. Records and biological data (e.g. specimens, observations), geographic layers (e.g. political divisions, conservation areas -SINAC sub-regions, protected areas, phytogeographic units, life zones), scientific nomenclature (e.g. names, classifications), and multimedia data. They are available in standardized formats via protocols, tools and international standards such as Darwin Core and Plinian Core.

CRBio provides the following services:

  • A Biodiversity Atlas to visualize data on the presence of species geographic over relevant layers such as political divisions, conservation areas -SINAC sub-regions, protected areas, phytogeographic units, and life zones, among others.
  • Functionality for integration of scientific nomenclature that allows using the portal for searches of both current scientific (valid) names, such as common names, and synonyms.
  • Functionality to integrate and display data on presence of species published by GBIF national and international institutions. Data can be displayed either as integrated maps or lists of records that meet a search criterion defined by the user. The site is updated monthly with GBIF data.
  • Functionality for integration, processing and publication of species pages  (including information on natural history, distribution, conservation status, images, etc.). Species information comes from national institutions and is integrated with information generated automatically from data accessible from the portal (such as species occurrence data and images).
  • Functionality for integration and publication of literature or reference data allowing including metadata from publications. The reference information is integrated into the portal from publications of biodiversity in Costa Rica available on the Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL).
  • Web services that enable data exchange among applications to facilitate interoperability with other thematic networks.