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  • image of Stenella coeruleoalba

    Stenella coeruleoalba

    Common name: Delfín rayado (Costa Rica) o listado, stripped dolphin, blue dolphin.

  • image of Stenella frontalis

    Stenella frontalis

    Common name: Delfín manchado, pintado o moteado, delfín manchado del Atlántico, Atlantic spotted dolphin.

  • image of Stenella longirostris

    Stenella longirostris

    Common name: Delfín tornillo (Costa Rica), delfín hilador o girador, spinner dolphin.

  • image of Steno bredanensis

    Steno bredanensis

    Common name: Delfín de dientes rugosos, bufeo (CR), rough-toothed dolphin

  • image of Tursiops truncatus

    Tursiops truncatus

    Common name: Bufeo (Costa Rica), delfín nariz de botella, bottlenosed dolphin, "flipper"