Bolbodimyia galindoi


Conservation Status

No information

No information

Natural History


Feeding habits unknown.

Life cycle

Immature stages unknown.

Habitat and Distribution

Distribution outside Costa Rica

Panama; Colombia.

Conservation Area Distribution


Type Locality

Panama, Darien, Rio Tacarcuna

Demography and conservation

Threat status

Extremely rarely collected throughout its range.


Scientific description

Hind tibiae with apical spurs; basicosta without strong setae; third antennal segment with at most an acute dorsobasal angle; subcallus and usually the first antennal segment greatly inflated and shiny; third antennal segment long and slender, with an obtuse dorsal angle; wings partly black; vein R4 bent sharply forward; largely bright yellow species or yellow and black; wings broadly yellow; mesoscutum and scutellum usually with a broad black median stripe (female) or wholly pale and orange haired (male); abdomen variable from orange basally and black apically to entirely black.


  • Kingdom: animalia
  • Phylum: arthropoda
  • Class: insecta
  • Order: diptera
  • Family: tabanidae
  • Genus: bolbodimyia

General Data

Language: Ingl├ęs

Author: John Burger

Contributors: Manuel A. Zumbado, Cristian Granados, Elvia Zumbado

Taxon record ID: 4503

Date last modified: 4/4/2011

Date created: 9/5/2000

Date Issued: 11/8/2002


Fairchild, G.B. 1986. The Tabanidae of Panama. Contributions of the American Entomological Institute 22(3): 1-139.Burger, John F. 1996. Description of the male and variation in Bolbodimyia galindoi Fairchild (Diptera: Tabanidae), and a revised key to species of Bolbodimyia. Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 98: 390-395.